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Audio - Recording


An easy-to-use digital multi-tracker with 4 balanced phantom-powered XLR / unbalanced jack inputs and a 40Gb hard drive.

If you can operate a tape recorder, you'll be recording and multi-tracking within minutes of operating the box. It's also the best value, best sounding multi-tracker in its class. All the essential controls are right where you need them - no confusing menus to wade through. Real knobs and real faders.

The MR8-HD features 4 balanced phantom powered XLR/unbalanced jack inputs. The 8 tracks record at the true uncompressed CD quality to the internal hard drive.

There is the facility for 4 track simultaneous recording, built-in mic and guitar amp stimulation, reverb/delay and cool mastering effects. Plus, the USB interface and the WAV file recording make it so easy to transfer recordings to and from a PC for further editing/CD burning.

Coomber 6120CD £309

record direct to CD-R or CD-RW from mic or external sources

80 min recording time on a 700mb disc

Instant playback

Variable playback speed on CD

Classroom PA facility

Mic recording in stereo or mono

6 Headphone socket outputs

2 x XLR/JACK mic inputs

CD time counter

Volume, treble and bass controls

Coomber 1630CD £399

Twin CD recorder ideal for making copies.




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