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The Haines Keyboard Laboratory opens up a new world to both pupil and teacher alike.

Class control console     £669

Keyboard box - K box     £18

DLPP5 DIN lead 5 metres £5

DLPP3 DIN lead 3 metres £3.75

DIN coupler                  £1.75

R/A jack lead KLA (pack of 6)         £18.50


The Haines Music Laboratory

Professional installation a speciality - please phone for a quote.

Without the laboratory, the student may listen only to their own keyboard. The Haines laboratory opens up a new world to the pupil and teacher alike. Now music can be taught like any other subject with different activities going on in the same room.

For Instance:

Some keyboards could be linked into groups of four to work as ensembles.

Others could be 'playing alone' with the teacher's tape or keyboard.

The pupil or teacher may record their own keyboards at any time without affecting the rest of the class.

Pupils can always be doing their own individual work on their keyboard.

As with all laboratory systems, it is strongly recommended that keyboards should be powered by individual mains power supplies. These may be housed in a control box (KT 13) with low voltage leads going to all keyboards.



(For use with your own existing headphones) For 12/24 pupils. 12 stations includes, Teacher console, Teacher mic/headset, 12 keyboard boxes, all leads. £1099


As above with 12 sets of headphones £1198


As above with 24 sets of headphones £1289

Keyboard Repair

Please try our keyboard repair service.

Repair costs will vary but there is a minimum charge of £30.

Please call for more information.

Headphone Repair

Please visit our sister company,