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Audio - microphones

Wireless Mics from Audio Technica

Aidio Technica have a great range of wireless microphones to suit all purposes. All three are diversity receivers (2 poles) so that you will always ensure a perfect signal with no interference. There is also a choice of three wavebands - 173.8 MHz, 174.5MHz and 175.0MHz. Please state which frequency you require.

Lavalier Mic System
Receiver, Unipak Transmitter, Tie clip mic


Handheld Mic System
HM1Receiver, Transmitter, Handheld mic.


Head Worn Mic System
HEADM1Receiver, UnipakTransmitters, Lightweight ear piece and mic.


P.A. microphones


Recording microphone RM4


Boundary microphone BM2


Shock Mount SM1 £42




Microphone Stands