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Nicholas Haines

38a North Street

West Butterwick

North Lincolnshire

DN17 3JW

Telephone: 01724 782728

Mobile: 07770 371808

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Cavarlo Classical

A nicely finished guitar with a full sound.




Electro Acoustic

Available in sunburst or natural finish.
EC 5
• 5 band equaliser
• Rosewood fingerboard


Keyboard Repair

Please try our keyboard repair service.

Repair costs will vary but there is a minimum charge of £30.

Please call for more information.

Headphone Repair

Please visit our sister company,

Viva Classical

Really good value for the beginner

VC 502 1/2 Size £29.00

VC 503 3/4 Size £33.00

VC 504 4/4 Size £39.00

Behringer Guitar Pack

Really good value. Comes with the high quality Strat type electric guitar, 15 watt combo amp, gig bag, cable and strap.



Guvnor Classical Set (normal) £6.00

Guvnor Electric Set £8.00

Guvnor Bass Set £18.00

D'Addario Classical(componite silver) £10.00

D'Addario Classical Set(student set) £6.50  

Guvnor Bass Set £18.00


Dunlop Capo (curved) £3.90

Dunlop Capo (flat) £3.90

Plectrum (box of 10) £3.99

Tuning Fork (A) £5.00